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Rolls-Royce races to catch up to demand for Cullinan SUV

For Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Americas, the order bank for the new Cullinan SUV is full through July, and the vehicle continues to bring in orders, says Martin Fritsches, CEO of the British brand's North American subsidiary.

AVs no surefire path to pedestrian safety

Safety advocates are urging road design changes to address rising numbers of pedestrian deaths across the country, warning that self-driving technology, while promising, isn't a fool-proof answer to safety concerns.

How high-flying JLR lost its way in China

What's behind the trouble at an automaker that not long ago was being lauded for its decade of success under new ownership?

Old-school ties help Bosch in South Carolina

Bosch needs a steady flow of engineers at its U.S. operations, especially at its South Carolina manufacturing base. Clemson has been helping.

FEV adds space for vehicle testing services

Automakers' need for more demanding propulsion system testing prompted FEV Group to invest in a new Detroit lab, with more to come.