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Bigland a valuable voice for FCA

An Automotive News reader writes in a letter to the editor that Reid Bigland is an executive FCA can't afford to lose.

Mazda CEO counts on new engine, EVs

Mazda CEO Akira Marumoto says engines will remain part of the company's brand identity, but electrification technologies should help with Mazda's push for lower emissions.

Dealer still believes in troubled Fiat brand

Fiat may be struggling, but an Austin, Texas, dealer is standing firmly behind the brand, saying dealers "need to remember why this brand is fun, exciting, young and cool and really commit to that."

Nissan chairman wants fewer headlines like this

In a letter obtained by Automotive News, Chairman Jose Valls is urging dealers to focus on the business rather than the headlines about it.

Who's on first? I don't know

The challenges facing today's auto industry are massive, affecting every aspect of the business.