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Tesla still rumbles through the jungle

Through all of their faults and failures, Elon Musk and Tesla continue to be the object of industry fascination — and envy.

AV safety technology: Why wait?

Intel and Mobileye believe they can apply the grand vision of making self-driving vehicles safe to the here and now.

Made in America? Let's check the VIN

You don't get to advertise a vehicle as being "Built in the USA" if it usually isn't, or mostly isn't.

Texas bill amended to ensure Tesla can fix cars

Following protests from Tesla owners, pending legislation in Texas — intended to remove a legal thorn stinging Berkshire Hathaway Automotive — has been altered to alleviate concerns that the electric vehicle maker would no longer be allowed to service vehicles in the state.

Feds help fund smaller engine project

Achates Power has received $2 million in federal funding to prove that a single-cylinder engine is viable.