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Honda hatches a modular EV plan for the U.S.

The automaker is readying a dedicated platform for bigger, better electric cars for America and beyond. It's part of a technology blitz executives just announced.

Thinking small suits EV battery startup

American Battery Solutions CEO Subhash Dhar is cultivating a market segment others have overlooked: battery packs for low-volume electric performance cars.

Hyundai, Kia roll out valve-timing innovation

The Korean automakers will soon roll out a fresh take on valve timing it promises will improve both engine power and fuel economy.

Ford changes mind on diesel Transit Connect van for U.S.

The automaker had made the new 1.5-liter EcoBlue diesel a highlight of the freshened 2019 cargo and wagon versions of the Transit Connect. It was to have gone on sale last fall but never materialized.

Lido's enduring legacy: A better world

So profound and so broad is Lee Iacocca's lasting legacy on every corner of this industry that his death this month at age 94 still bowed heads in reflective awe, some 27 years after he last led Chrysler.